2020 SAMA Competition Rules and Regulations

1. Purpose: To promote abacus and mental arithmetic education and to enhance relationships between all member countries through competitions

2. Competition Date: August 9th, 2020. Pre-competition meeting is on August 8th and the training seminar hosted by the Secretariat is on August 10th.

3. Location: Merriot Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 

Address: Lot. G-23A, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, 88000 Kotakinabalu, Sabah

Phone: 6088. 088. 888

4. Event organizer: SAMA (Global) Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association Malaysia

5. Registration and Enrollment:

 (1) Registration dates: From February 1st to April 15th, 2020. All applications must be postmarked before the deadline.

(2) SAMA Members collect all applications, photos, journals, and related documents from contestants and email all documents to the organizer before the deadline:

Email: susu66179@gmail.com

Phone Number: +60 0163356606

Chairman of Malaysia

Mdm. Chan Huey Sye


(1) Competition registration fee is US $60 per and the lunch buffet is $40 US, for a total of $100 US. The admission fee for teachers and families are $40 US (includes admission, meal ). Registration fee for teachers or families who are not using the lunch is $10 US per (includes venue admission).

(2) All fees should be remitted to the organizer (see attachment for banking information).


1. All SAMA member countries are welcome to participate in the competition. Every member countries have to register at least 5 competitors.

2. All contestants must register for the age groups as specified in the table below. Failure to comply with the rule might result in disqualification.

3. Champion of Champions from the same group last year are required to participate in a higher group. For example, the Champion of Champions of last year in Group A are required to compete in Group B.

4. Refer to the attachment below for Competition age groups, subjects and levels: (see attachment for sample exam)

8. Awards distribution

Recipients From each group:

Champion of Champions: 1

Champion: 20% -1

1st Runner-up: 20%

2nd Runner-up: 30%

3rd Runner-up: 30%


(1) All the contestants are ranked by their total scores. The awards are distributed based on the ranking. Coaches of Champion of Champions of each group will be awarded the “Best Coach Award”.

(2) In case of tied total scores, referees will break the ties by comparing scores of the subjects, in the order of tie-breaker, addition & subtraction, multiplication, division, mental addition & subtraction, mental multiplication and mental division. The contestants with the higher score will be ranked higher. If all scores are similar, contestants will finish the same place.

(3) Each group’s top contestant or Champion of Champions will receive a scholarship of $100.

4. In the case where two or more contestants finish with perfect scores on regular papers and the same scores on the tie-breaker, an additional tie-breaker paper (same format, different question, 45 second time limit) will be conducted to determine the winner.

5. Participants who do not score 300marks and above will not be given any prizes.

9. Attention:

1. All the papers are marked by abacus and mental arithmetic instructors appointed by the organizer on site.

2. The referee team has the final say on all the scores. Once the referee team has given the final decision, no further change will be made.

3. The scores will be revealed during the Award Ceremony. All the contestants will enter the hall for the Award Ceremony.

4. Award presenters: member country chairmen and honoured guests

5. The award certificates for contestants will be handed to all teams after the post-competition meeting.

10. Event Schedule:

August 8th (Sat)

13:30~15:00             Meeting of Secretary Department

Hosted by the secretary department. Report about the annual event.

15:00~18:00             2020 SAMA Global Pre-Competition Meeting

Hosted by Chairman of Malaysia, Mdm. Chan. Explanation of competition rules and activities. Contestant ID, annual journal, staff ID distributions. Registration fee and membership payment. Gift and souvenir exchange. Group photo session.

18:00~19:30             Welcome Dinner

Hosted by event organizer (SAMA Malaysia). Invite all chairman or representative of member countries for a welcoming dinner. (USD30/person)


August 9th (Sun)

08:30~09:00            Contestant sign-in

The competition hall will be opened to all contestants. Contestants may find their seats and practice. Personnel proceed with competition preparations

09:00~9:30              2020 SAMA Competition Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony. Flag bearers, chairmen and contestants enter the hall. SAMA flag enters the hall. Chairman speech and honored guest speech

09:30~09:50            SAMA Chairperson Certificate and Contribution Awards

09:50~10:00            Announcing Competition Rules

The head referee will announce the competition. The order of competition will be abacus addition & subtraction, abacus multiplication, abacus division, mental addition & subtraction, mental multiplication, mental division (the total score of the first six subjects is 1000) and tie-breaker (out of 200, not included in the total score)

10:00~10:50           2020 SAMA Competition Officially Begins

11:00~12:00           Computer Flash or Abacus Pro Challenge

presented by the Secretariat. Contestants and referees will enter and take their seats. After the event, awards will be given immediately. The top 10 finishers will be awarded medals and certificates

12:00~15:00           Lunch and participate in performance from each country

15:00~15:30           Award Ceremony – Contestant taking seats

All contestants and parents take the seats arranged by the organizer according to the award ceremony seating chart

15:30~17:00           2020 SAMA Competition Award Ceremony

Opening remarks from Chairman and honored guests. Award ceremony for contributors from all countries and medal for all contestants

17:00~18:00           Closing Ceremony (SAMA Flag handover ceremony)

 Handover SAMA flag to the host of 2019, chairman speech and invitations, group photos for all teams

18:00~20:00           Celebration Dinner (all chairma)

Invite all the chairmen and VIPs for the dinner. (USD30/person)

20:00~22:00           SAMA post-competition meeting

Review of the competition procedures. Voting for the host of 2020. Discuss meeting motions and more


11. SAMA Journal

Each member country is given about 1-2 articles of space. The organizer oversees the editing and printing of the journal and distribute them on the day of the competition. Each member country should prepare the following articles and send them to the organizer, along with contestant information before April 15th

1. One page of congratulatory message.

2. Two pages of photos for abacus related activities.


12. Miscellaneous

1. If a contestant wishes to change the competition group after registration, he or she must notify the organizer before April 30th, 2020. No changes will be granted after this date.

2. Each member country please appoint one photographer to take a photo for individual and group awards during Award Ceremony. Only photographers with valid pass can enter the shooting area.

3. The organizer will send all member countries videos and photos of the competition.

4. The organizer will present medals of extraordinary contribution for each member organization,2 medals will be given if they have 10 or above participants, otherwise, 1 medal will be given. Additional charge applies if extra medals are ordered.

5. The organizer will appoint member country chairmen as referees for each competition subject.


Taipei City, Taiwan