A Little About SAMAGlobal

In late 2017, a brand-new abacus and mental arithmetic association, Summit Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (SAMA), will have its grand debut. Its birth originated from Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (PAMA). PAMA was founded in 1999. During the last 18 years, PAMA members held annual competition and meeting in different countries at the end of every year. PAMA’s scope and number of members continue to grow every year. Its reputation and influence are widely recognized by the global abacus and mental arithmetic community. PAMA currently has more than 20 member countries, including: Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, United Arabic Emirates, Tajikistan. There are also multiple countries listed as observing members. PAMA as an organization continue to thrive.
As PAMA has more and more members, the workload of the Secretariat also increases, possibly close to the point that we can no longer accommodate new members. Therefore, PAMA has passed a resolution to limit the number of member countries to only 30. No new member country will be accepted thereafter. On one hand, this allows us to maintain the best service. On the other hand, this also ensure the rights of existing members and gives each country a chance to host the annual competition and meeting.

Thus, we came up with the idea of founding a second global abacus and mental arithmetic organization. As PAMA’s sister organization, SAMA will expand its services to other new countries that wish to join us. Whether in PAMA or SAMA, we insist on providing the most professional teaching skills, competitions, verification exams, events and various services. We can enhance the professional teaching levels of member countries, benefiting the students around the world. We can also promote the educational significance and utilities through competition, exams, training session, live demonstration and other activities. We hope we can engage more countries and introduce more students to this traditional calculation culture with the benefit of improving their intelligence and character.

SAMA share most of the membership requirements, competition rules, exam system and training standard with PAMA. Both the experienced PAMA and the new established SAMA provide professional knowledge and services. We sincerely invite abacus and mental arithmetic companies with strong education beliefs and system to join our two big families. You will have great rewards in this field. And let us work hard for the great abacus and mental arithmetic education together!

Taipei City, Taiwan