The authority of SAMA chairmen

  • SAMA regulations state there can be multiple chairmen from the same countries, as long as they are from different regions. Chairmen can represent SAMA and hold competitions, verification exams, discussion panels or other activities related to abacus and mental arithmetic.

  • The membership requirements for second chairman is the same as the ones for new chairman. The admission fee is 1000 USD. Annual fee for the acting chairman of the year is 1000 USD.

  • The Certification Exam Certificates are signed and endorsed by the founding chairman and the national chairman together.

  • Admission fee and annual fee are not refundable.

  • Chairman replacement: New chairman from the same company or organization needs to pay an admission fee of 500 USD. New chairman from a different company or organization needs to pay an admission fee of 1000 USD.

  • During every year’s SAMA Meeting, chairmen will be given Certificate of Chairman (with an appointment term of 1 year).

  • Chairmen should personally lead students to SAMA Competition and Meeting every year. If there are circumstances that prevent you from attending, please inform the Secretariat in advance. A chairman cannot be absent in the competition for two consecutive years. Annual fees still need to be wire transferred to the Secretariat in the years that you do not attend.

Taipei City, Taiwan