Programs and Services of SAMA

To SAMA new members,

In the past 20 years, PAMA has helped teachers from more than 20 countries start their own abacus and mental arithmetic program. By introducing professional abacus and mental arithmetic skills to various countries, a lot of students benefits from their improved mathematical ability. In August 2018, we founded Summit Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (SAMA), the purpose is to offer services to even more countries and companies. Currently, countries from more than 10 have joined the rank of SAMA. Most of PAMA and SAMA’s partner joined the organizations to look for an international stage for their students and enhance their programs by obtaining professional training and better education materials.

The Secretariat offers several suggestions and services to all the partner. Hopefully, you can take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with SAMA Secretariat more closely and take the necessary steps to improve your business even more.

(1) Training Session for Instructors in Taiwan:

In August and December every year, the Secretariat holds training session of different levels. Our training program are divided into 4 stages. Each stage requires a three-day training (7 hours a day, 21 hours in total). The purpose of the training is to provide quality techniques and knowledge to teachers in the classroom, helping them manage the class in the most efficient and error-free ways. To welcome all the new members of SAMA, we will host the Stage 1 training session between December 13 to 15. All the member organizations are welcome to send a couple of representatives to Taiwan for the training. Not only will you learn the professional classroom techniques, but also find out more about SAMA’s various services and programs in details.


(2) Training Session for Instructors in your country:

Our training session has been well-received by members who attend the training in Taiwan. They brought home professional knowledge and skills and were able to expand their scale of operation considerably. As the roster of teachers grew, attending training in Taiwan was no longer a viable option and they decided to invite speaker over for a local training session instead. This is a great option to give training to more teachers while saving costs on travelling. Please contact the Secretariat at least 6 months in advance if you wish to arrange a local training session in your country.


(3) Education materials:

The practice books are a very important part of learning abacus and mental arithmetic. Well-designed questions enable students to improve in the shortest time. There are many books on the market, but most are only limited to basic units, such as simple addition and subtraction, 2 x 1, 2 x 2 multiplication, or 3 ÷ 1, 4 ÷ 2 division. These basic units usually take a student 2 to 3 years to complete, and smart students can finish in a little more than 1 year. As a result, many parents mistakenly think abacus and mental arithmetic are a short-term subject that requires 3 years at most, making them less likely to commit to the program. SAMA’s complete book series gives students the appropriate challenge at every level. It provides more than 10 years of quality contents, far exceeding other similar books. To meet the demands of our members, the Secretariat committed lots of time and resources into developing the practice books for all regular and advanced levels (36 books for abacus and 30 for mental arithmetic) that can easily provide more than 10 years of progress.


(4) Course planning:

In addition to instructor training and practice books, course planning is another important component. At what point does a student start learning mental arithmetic, multiplication, division, fractions, solving for square roots? How do you prepare students for competition? These are all topics that many teachers care deeply about. The Secretariat will provide course planning suggestions based on each company’s situation, including yearly, monthly or even weekly syllabus for teachers. These need to be utilized together with the instructor training and SAMA practice books.


(5) Certification exam and competition:

All SAMA member organizations must participate in the certification exams and send students to the annual competition. Certificate exam is to validate what student learn and to see if they meet the exam standards. If they meet the exam standards in either abacus or mental arithmetic exam, they can receive certificate for the associate subject. Currently all members are required to have 500 certification exams every year. In competition, students represent their own country and schools and compete with other students from around the world. PAMA’s annual competition will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 30 in 2018. The first SAMA annual competition is scheduled to be on July 28, 2019 in Taiwan. Each member needs to send at least 5 students to the competition.


Certification exam and competition are the most important events in abacus and mental arithmetic. Not only do they motivate students to also improve, they also give recognition to their learning efforts. Teachers can also find the motivation to improve their skills in these events. The Secretariat will be glad to help our members get better results and scores in exam and competition.

(6) Abacus Pro learning App:

There are many companies investing in developing learning applications for abacus and mental arithmetic. It is a great multipurpose tool that offers additional assistance to teachers in the classroom. It contains flash computing, mental arithmetic with listening and other functions. We have seen many applications in the last two years and the Abacus Pro learning App, developed by PAMA Hong Kong chairman Mr. Ammon Ng, stood out. It has demonstration, flash computing practice, homework, exam preparation. It also comes with game features for individual mental arithmetic practice and even online competition with other students. It is a fun application that can used in the classroom and at home as an additional way to learn abacus and mental arithmetic. It is a worthy addition in the classroom and good for student recruitment. We will demonstrate the application at some points in the future, possible at the training session in December, the annual meeting in Kuala Lumpur in December and the SAMA Competition in July next year. You can also email us for inquiry.


That sums up SAMA’s various services, which covers all aspects of an abacus and mental arithmetic program. The services can be obtained with or without the optional collaboration contract. The services will come with discounted rate with collaboration contract and with regular rates without contract.

The links to several useful documents can be found below:

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  4. The first SAMA International Competition Guidelines

  5. Service Terms with Collaboration Contract

  6. Service Terms without Collaboration Contract

Please contact us by email if there is any question. Thank you.

Taipei City, Taiwan