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Company name : SmartyKids

           Chairman :Anton Andreev

                 Phone : 88005006457

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Basic Information



International Academic Competitions among SmartyKids students are held annually. Every two months we have trainings for teachers from internationally recognized experts. Our company takes part in nearly all educational exhibitions of the world. We participated in over 50 events for the past year.

Company Events

An International Network of Child Education Centers offers to children of 3.5 to 12 years of age the following disciplines: mental arithmetic, calligraphy and speed-reading. For 2 years we have trained over 2000 teachers and over 15 000 students are taught in our 350 centers all over the world. There are plans to add new disciplines, implement innovative education technologies and develop child centers in Russia and other countries.


Over 60 people are involved in the SmartyKids project: methodologists, teachers, designers, illustrators, creative producers, animation artists, marketing professionals, copywriters, it-designers and other professionals in business, marketing and children education.

Company Profile

  • December 2017, “XXI Century Best Educational Organization” in The Best Education Study Guide nominated category, held by The Education Assembly of Kazan.

  • February 2018, Melagrana Awards “Best SmartyKids Mental Arithmetic Child Centers Network”, Saint-Petersburg.

  • October 2018, International Competition of Education Technologies EdCrunch Award Product 2018, a special nominated category “I want to be taught”, 1st Grade Certificate, Moscow.

Company Awards

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