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SAMA was founded in 2018, and it has welcomed more than 30 members since then. The Secretariat recognized there is a demand for quality educational materials and hired specialists to design a series of materials in the last two years. The series of materials includes questions for classroom instruction, certification exam preparation and competition practice. his professional series should meet the needs of teachers and students alike.

The series includes two main categories: abacus and mental arithmetic. Abacus materials covers everything from the basic rules of abacus, 10 regular levels (Level 10 to Level 1), 15 advanced levels (Adv. Level 1 to Adv. Level 15). There are 35 books for abacus, including books on solving for square and cubic roots.

The other main category is mental arithmetic. It covers everything from the basic rules of mental arithmetic, 10 regular levels (Level 10 to Level 1) and 15 advanced levels (Adv. Level 1 to Adv. Level 15). There are 35 books for abacuas and 30 books for mental arithmetic. Between the two categories, there are 65 books in total.

Both abacus and mental arithmetic books can be further classified by their usage. The first type is classroom instruction, denoted by (T). The second type is exam preparation, denoted by (E). The third type is competition practice, denoted by (C). All three types of books can be used independently or jointly. By using the books, members can enjoy the best practice questions in the market and save precious time in making their own questions.

To make the books more accessible, the Secretariat offer them at a price near base cost. By purchasing the use right, members will receive the electronic file for the questions and can easily replace the cover with their own and print more copies. This is a very convenient and cost-effective option. 

The special offer price for the SAMA education materials use right differs depending on how many books are purchased:

(A) 1 to 20 books, $400 US per book  

(B) 21 to 40 books, $350 US per book; first 20 books are $400 each  

(C) 41 to 60 books, $300 US per book; first 20 books are $400 each; 21st to 40th books are $350 each

(D) All 65 books, Available for $20,000


By purchasing all 65 books, members only need to pay the fee for 57 books. The remaining 10 books will not appear on the invoice.


(A) Members are only paying for the right to use the book, instead of full copyright. Members are forbidden from reselling the use right to third parties or any other conduct that violate the copyright.

(B)The use right is limited to a single country only. Contact the Secretariat for more information if there are international branches or departments within the company.

(C) Members can print the books for use within their companies and sale them as retail items to to other schools or companies within the same country.

(D) The Secretariat will sign a purchase contract with members. The electronic files will be provided after all monetary transaction is cleared.

(E) SAMA's educational materials are designed to be used continuously. There are enough materials for more than 10 years of lesson. They are certainly the most recommended materials in the field.


Refer to the catalogue page for more details and order information.

SAMA Educational Materials

For Classroom, Exam and Competition and Use Right Purchase for Members

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