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Chairman  :   Rustam Bagautdinov

  Address  :   LLC Trust, Chongarsky Boulevard str., 18 A, Moscow, Russian Federation

      E-mail :

      Phone :   +7 800 555 3465

   Website  :

Company Profile


ABAKUS CENTER was established in 2015 and boasts several years of experience, with more than 100 representatives in different countries. ABAKUS CENTER is accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education. Our innovative teaching programmes help children achieve excellent results, and our teaching methods, combined with brain fitness (a workout for the brain) make studying mental arithmetic both interesting and valuable.

Summary of Major Events


The company has organized international competitions and global conferences


Awarding Records


Various professional certifications.


Important Biography

Chairman Profile


A graduate of the Petroleum University (Ufa, Russia), the Montan University (Leoben, Austria) and Stafford House (Toronto, Canada) Rustam has won awards at numerous international competitions and conferences.

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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