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About Us


Smartykids Bulgaria

Company name: SmartyKids

Chairman: Georgii Rozov

Phone: +359 895 81 60 40




Georgii Rozov




SmartyKids is an international network of child education centers represented in 11 countries around the globe. In Bulgaria, there are over 60 SmartyKids education centers offering various courses for children in the age 4 to 14, turning our brand into the leading mental arithmetic network nationwide.

Mental arithmetic is the main learning stream at SmartyKids and in addition our centers offer Speed reading course, Finance for kids and more. We constantly work on design and further development of our current and new courses that to support and enrich SmartyKids students not only in their learning process but also in all aspects of their life. We encourage students to acquire self-motivation, independence and proactive learning attitude by applying innovative education technologies in class combined with the knowledge and experience of world leading professionals. And yes, it is fun and entertaining for our students to learn with us!

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