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18. The importance of choosing the best abacus teaching materials

The selection and use of abacus and mental arithmetic teaching materials determine the effectiveness of students learning. Good layout and design directly help teachers progress in class, and also lead to students interest in learning. Abacus and Mental Mathematics has detailed levels and distinct digits. There are 10 levels and 15 Advanced. There are nearly 50 exercise workbook in total. There are thousands of companies promoting abacus in countries around the world, and each company wants to have its own trademark and edited textbooks. But apart from the few professional companies that can complete the standard content completely and accurately, most companies can only complete a few basic progress exercise books, or photocopies use reference from other existing versions.

The main reason is that abacus mental arithmetic has complete proposition rules and arrangements for each level and advance segment, not just a random number of computers. In addition, even if there is a textbook of your own company, it may be because of insufficient professionalism, the content is wrong, and it is easy to mislead teachers and students.

How to choose a high-quality abacus textbook?

1) The first consideration is the type of participation in the test in the future, as the so-called: "Certify leadership teaching, and teaching determines teaching materials." Professional abacus companies and teachers must first consider the teaching methods, progress and teaching materials before they prepare for the work. It relies on the level classification and test methods of the test. The test has different standards and types in different countries, and it is chosen according to the professional standpoint: it must be simple and clear, the level is clear, the teaching is convenient, step by step, and the age of the students is considered. These are the requirements for determining the test type. Once the method of verification is decided, the subsequent work can be gradually established.

2) Secondly, the purpose and progress of teaching. After completing each level of study, after passing the test and verification, you will be promoted to the next new stage. The new level has different and difficult content to learn, which is a new starting point. The selected textbook should be from basic to advanced, and the content is subdivided clearly, which is convenient for students to gradually understand the entry status. This textbook is called the teaching version. After learning the new content one by one, it must be integrated and unified into a standard topic for students to practice hard. This textbook is called the certified version. After two or three years of hard work, students are interested in learning more from the upper floors, participating in competitions, and selecting training topics according to groups. This textbook is called the competition version.

3) Also, pay attention to the user's age. In the past, the learning age of abacus and mental arithmetic was mostly high school or above. Because of good understanding and fast progress of teaching materials, the exercise books used were mostly concentrated in the intermediate stage. The current learning is mostly for young children, with lower-level comprehension understanding and slow progress in teaching materials, so the teaching materials used have a lot of space in the basic stage. In order to attract students' interest and absorb learning, it is advisable to choose textbooks with lively and appropriate fairy tale illustrations and games to help students get through the basics.

4) In addition to determining the teacher's progress, the teaching materials used also affect the quality and control of the class. If each class is a group teaching of the same level, the teacher should take advantage of this situation, and can compile the teaching materials by themselves, make the number of handouts for easy explanation, and even test the whole class to improve the quality of the class. If you are taking a mixed class, you should pay attention to the level and status of each student, distribute the teaching time fairly, and pay attention to the key points of the link. It is necessary to prepare lessons carefully before the class, and prepare supplementary teaching materials; to explain the problems in the class, to encourage students in a timely manner; to track homework after class, communicate with parents, and remediate the teaching in a timely manner.

Experienced and responsible teachers, high-quality textbooks can enhance the effectiveness of teaching, and use it flexibly. The quality of teaching will naturally be better and better; for new teachers, high-quality textbooks are more guiding and can help teachers solve blind spots in teaching and enter the topic . Therefore, a good textbook is like having one more effective teaching assistant who can successfully complete teaching tasks.

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