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20. What is the certification exam?

In abacus, certification exam is held once or twice a year. The levels tested depend on student’s current learning state.

The exam subjects include:


Addition & subtraction, multiplication and division

Mental arithmetic:

Addition & subtraction, multiplication and division

Every subject has a passing standard of 70 points.

If a student can pass all three subjects on abacus or mental arithmetic, he or she can receive the respective certificate. Students register for a particular level based on their learning situation. They can also register for different levels for abacus or mental arithmetic. For example, some students are willing to put in a lot of time to practice mental arithmetic and they might register for Level 6 on abacus and Level 1 on mental arithmetic.

The verification exams start with Level 10 and end at Level 1. Beyond Level 1, there are 15 advanced Levels (from Advanced Level 1to 15). It is designed as a self-evaluation exam, in which you receive certificates if you pass.

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