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27. How to choose a high-quality abacus teaching center?

Many people questioned why in the age of computerization we should still learn the ancient calculation tool of the abacus? This is the reason why humans have to jog and walk with cars and airplanes. The phrase "Abacus and Mental Arithmetic is the mother of mathematics" means good learning of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, and it can lay the best foundation for mathematics. The learning significance of abacus mental arithmetic is mainly to cultivate students correct and fast computing ability, and accumulated endurance, perseverance and true essential training in the learning process. Therefore, the study of abacus and mental arithmetic has a value that can not be ignored for the brain development of school children.

However, in so many abacus and mental arithmetic teaching centers, how should we make the right choice? Is it purely based on tuition fees? Or is it based on winning a trophy? Or is it convenient near home? Here we provide a few opinions from a professional perspective for parents' reference:

(1) Abacus first, then mental calculation: In the teaching process of abacus calculation, abacus calculation is the foundation. Through the operation of the abacus, the learner can understand the changes and methods of the four calculations. With the proficiency of skills, images in the learner's brain are gradually established, and the mental arithmetic function is generated through the simulation operation of the images. In an easy way to define, you should learn abacus first, and then learn mental arithmetic. Many abacus and abacus classes in various workshops emphasize the use of less abacus, or use fingers to calculate the answer. This is not the correct learning method, and it is easy to have arithmetic addiction and other learning obstacles during the learning process.

(2) Comprehensive learning of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division: The teaching progress of abacus and mental arithmetic should be comprehensive. It includes three major parts:

A. Abacus addition and subtraction, abacus multiplication, abacus division

B. Look at addition and subtraction mental arithmetic, look at multiplication mental arithmetic, and look at addition mental arithmetic

C. Mental Arithmetic with hearing addition and subtraction Mental arithmetic, Mental Arithmetic with hearing multiplication mental arithmetic, and Mental Arithmetic with hearing division mental arithmetic.

Other parts include flip-file, multiplication and division, applied calculation, square root, square cube, etc. are all learning areas of abacus. If you only emphasize the learning of mental arithmetic, and even there is no teaching process of multiplication and division, it is of course incomplete. It cannot apply what it has learned to the school curriculum and daily life, and because the learning is not comprehensive enough, the answer is wrong, is it worse than not learning?

(3) Professional teachers are essential: ​​teachers with abacus calculations are not easy to cultivate. It is not as good as the subjects such as American language, computer and mathematics. In the formal university education department, there are related courses to study and further study, so there is no shortage of teachers. The teachers of abacus and mental arithmetic require long-term training and learning in the technical field, at least at least three levels of abacus and mental arithmetic. In terms of teaching methods, it is necessary to guide simulation through professional associations before entering the teaching field. In addition to the above basic abilities, a professional abacus teaching center should be able to provide a complete teaching progress or curriculum for parents to compare and understand. This is the responsible approach.

(4) Periodic verification and high-quality competition: The teaching process of abacus and mental arithmetic is staged. It is necessary to take the credible verification test once or twice a year on average. On the other hand, it can confirm whether the learning is absorbed, on the one hand, it can encourage the school children to go upstairs and have a sense of accomplishment. We recommend that in the study of low grades, the abacus and mental arithmetic should be tested at the same level as far as possible (tenth to fourth grade abacus mental arithmetic test). In this way, the proficiency of the abacus is enough to show up in the performance of mental arithmetic. The students with strong mental calculation ability can be more obviously upgraded from the third level or above, and the students with excellent qualifications are more likely to break above the Advanced in a short time (up to 15 ).

In addition to the test, students can also be encouraged to participate in domestic and foreign competitions (recommended once every six months). However, there are many competitions organized by the abacus and abacus and the teaching centers. How to choose high-quality competitions without over-commercialized?

1. Abacus and mental arithmetic are included in the competitions of each group at the same time, as far as possible to be divided into subjects, in line with balanced teaching.

2. The level should not be too low, at least the abacus and mental arithmetic should be at level 8 or above to avoid competition certification.

3. The time limit of each subject should not be too short (it is easy to flow in the number writing competition), the abacus should be at least three minutes per subject. Mental arithmetic should have enough questions.

4. The winning rate should not be 100%. For the purpose of popularization and development, at least the minimum total score is required.

Learning abacus is a long-term effort to accumulate specific results. It is not appropriate to take short cuts and only focus on mental arithmetic without a solid abacus foundation. A good abacus and mental arithmetic teaching center should be planned with a steady and pragmatic pace, at least 2 to 3 years of learning progress, step by step, from basic to advance, through the integration of what you have learned, into mental arithmetic energy, and can assist the use of mathematics. A good Abacus learning center should content the above advantage.

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