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29. The state of abacus education around the world

Abacus was traditionally used in Asian countries for commercial purposes. About 40 years ago, electronic calculators and computers gradually replaced the abacus. However, many experts have since found the developmental benefits for young children and developed the abacus education system. Since then, abacus has also slowly become more valued and mainstreamed in more countries with exposure online.

In many Asian countries, there have already been many that are promoting abacus education, such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Brunei. In Europe, there are the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Russia and the CIS countries. In America, there are the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. In Oceania, there are Australia and New Zealand. In Africa, there are South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, and Egypt. Abacus education has found its roots all around the world.

Abacus and mental arithmetic program, as one of the best choices for early childhood education, can now be found in nearly 100 countries around the world. Abacus has evolved into a versatile tool and a tool. The age of “abacus without borders” is really upon us.

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