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30. Vision of abacus education

Over the past 100 years, the invention and progress of civilization and technology have far exceeded the sum of human history. The most important factor is the invention of electricity, which has started the vigorous development of all industries such as life, transportation, science, medicine, education... Due to technological advancement, some industries and industries have disappeared, some are marginalized, and some are more advanced and more competitive. For example: telephones, cars, airplanes, and computers have shortened the distance and exchanges of countries around the world. Business activities interact frequently, creating more vitality and industries.

An abacus is also an example. It has been going through hundreds of years of history and has experienced the ups and downs of many dynasties. In ancient times, it was just a simple tool for calculation. In terms of the principle of survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest, it should have been included in the ashes of history. The fact is the same, when the computer is gradually popularized, its practical value has been questioned, and the development of the computer is to strengthen the end of the end. The advantage of the original skill has been reduced to a symbol of obsolescence. The people who have studied for many years or used it as an industry have gone. How do you know that the peaks are going round and round, the technology will be defeated, and the technology will become successful. The abacus, which is on the verge of extinction, has been promoted by the promotion of the Internet platform and the promotion of children's intelligence, which has affected the importance of the world and the market development.

What is the magic of abacus, can it be brought back to life, return to the education stage, and more radiant? And, can it continue to fail, be widely loved, and not be swallowed by the trend of the times? My answer is yes. After all, my personal strength is limited, if there is no advantage to support, it is difficult to achieve the overall situation. I think abacus calculations can continue to this day, and will not be eliminated, there are several factors:

(1) The value of learning. Abacus and Mental Arithmetic education has a complete field of study, with the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With the change of years, the calculation method has also been updated, informal, easy to get started. In addition, all ages can learn, the more in-depth the more interested, practical and affordable.

(2) The value of intellectual development. In addition to the benefits of computing functions, timely transfer of learning objects to young children as teaching aids for enlightenment is also a major selling point. The advancement and convenience of science and technology also affect the policy of education, and basic learning is no longer cultivated due to the substitution. The learning of abacus and mental arithmetic can make up for the lack of school education, so as to train concentration and memory, cultivate young children's self-confidence and improve intelligence, which is also an unexpected and valuable gain.

(3) Practical value. In addition to the basic addition and subtraction, multiplication and division functions, abacus and mental arithmetic can also be used to expand the mathematics curriculum. For example: the exchange of fractions and decimals, the comprehensive use of the four operations, the conversion of interest rates and percentages, the slip-file, square, cube, the addition and subtraction of the vertical and horizontal columns, and the multiplication and division. A simple abacus can complete a variety of units, and it can also be considered a miracle and precious.

(4) Commercial value. Through online marketing, the function of the abacus is not limited to education or culture. Its bigger and attractive value is the commercial and market value. For the market, it is the opportunity and purpose of starting a business and making money. With the aura of teaching, it is surrounded by various incentives and profits of tests, competitions, teaching materials, teacher training, computer APP equipment, and even online live broadcasting. Promote people from all countries to vigorously promote and create vitality.

If the value of the abacus is to be sustainable forever, it will not be influenced by the era. It should focus on creating and developing more business opportunities. Only realistic feedback can pay attention to investment and commercialize it as the primary goal; followed by the enrichment of education. The use of abacus and the value of learning have been deeply affirmed, but it is still an important mission to study more fields of study, and strengthen its existence. Of course, the meaning of culture also has a long way to go. It will not be just the fifth Chinese invention and human intangible cultural heritage. As long as the education system continues, the learning of abacus will always be with the students.

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